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Anatomy in Motion™ with Je-an

CAD$130 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll
Anatomy in Motion is a process of investigation and movement facilitation where we help identify the movements your body can and cannot access right now. It is about creating an experience for your body to improve freedom and range of motion in all joints. Through assessing basic human body movements and guiding the body using strategic movement repatterning drills, we can help you enhance the fluidity and efficiency of your joint motion while creating the environment in which the body can heal itself. The bulk of the initial session includes assessment of your standing posture, movement assessments to create awareness of your starting baseline before working with me. The session is 85 minutes. If you're interested to learn more, please visit www.ArticulateBodiesStudio.com
Morning Afternoon Evening
Mar 26 Tuesday 0 1 Times Available 0
Mar 27 Wednesday 0 1 Times Available 0
Mar 30 Saturday 0 4 Times Available 0